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Faculty Senate Membership


2018-2019 Senator Roster

First Name Last Name Email Academic Subdivision Dept. Name Term Ends
Karam Adibifar SOSC Soc/Anthro 2019
Susan Ahrendt EDU TED1 2022
Desire' Anastasia SOSC Soc/Anthro 2019
Jim Aubrey AHUM English 2019
Azure Avery PHY Physics 2021
Tyler Bachelder CPS Aerospace Science 2019
Brian Bagwell CPS Human Service 2020
Joanne Bailey CPS Social Work 2021
Zsuzsa Balogh CPS EAET 2019
Michelle Baum CPS JRN/Tech Comm 2019
Michael Bernhardt AHUM Art 2020
Sheri Betzer sbetzer@msudenver,edu BUS Accounting 2021
Erin Bissell PHYS Biology 2020
Eric Blomfelt BUS Management 2019
Andrea Borrego CPS Criminal Justice 2020
Henricus Bouwmeester PHYS Math & CS 2021
Randi Brazeau PHYS Earth/Atmos. 2022
Emily Brower CPS Nursing 2020
Nicolas Cachanosky BUS Economics 2020
Katia Campbell AHUM CommArts & Sci 2021
William Carnes BUS Management 2021
Sally Casey CPS Health Prof 2019
Kelly Conroy AHUM Modern Lang 2020
Anna Dai BUS Finance 2020 
Lincoln Davie CPS Health Prof 2019
Sandra Doe AHUM English 2019
James Drake CPS Hospitality 2020
Derren Duburguet CPS Aerospace Science 2019
Cynthia Erickson SOSC Psychology 2019
Erick Erickson BUS Economics 2020
Alex Fayman BUS Finance 2020 
Rebecca Ferrell PHYS Biology 2019
Wilton Flemon PHYS Chemistry 2021
Maureen Flynn SOSC Psychology 2022
Jerry Foote CPS Nutrition 2019
Brendan Fry PHYS Math & CS 2022
Elizabeth Goodnick AHUM Philosophy 2020
Tanya Greathouse CPS Social Work 2022
Nels Grevstad PHYS Math & CS 2020
Heather Hageman CPS AFF/Nursing 2020
Kara Halley EDU TED2 2021
Tara Hammar CPS Human Service 2021
Chris Harder PHYS Trustee/Math & CS 2019
Joseph Hasley BUS CISBA 2019
Hollie Hendrikson SOSC AFF/Political Science 2019
Jovan Hernandez SOSC Psychology 2019
Fred Hess AHUM Music 2019
Katherine Hill SOSC Psychology 2022
Lin Huang CPS EAET 2020
Mick Jackowski BUS Marketing 2019
Michael Jacobs PHYS Chemistry 2021
Meredith Jeffers AHUM Modern Lang 2021
Feng Jiang PHYS Math & CS 2019
Aaron Johnson SOSC AFF/Soc&Anthro 2020
Gabrielle Katz PHYS Earth/Atmos. 2020
David Klein CPS Industrial Design 2019
Jason Kolts PHYS Biology 2019
Alex Komodore AHUM At Large-Music 2019
David Kottenstette AHUM CommArts & Sci 2020
Daniel Krasner AHUM Philosophy 2022
Jeffrey London CPS Criminal Justice 2019
Laura Love AHUM THE 2019
Andrea Maestrejuan AHUM History 2020
Matt Makley AHUM History 2019
Edgar Maldonado BUS CISBA 2019
Joshua Martin PHYS Chemistry 2021
Lisa McVicker BUS Management 2020
Shawn Meek AHUM Art 2019
Christopher Meloche PHYS Biology 2019
Vida Melvin PHYS Biology 2019
Richard Moeller SOSC Political Science 2019
Troy Morgan CPS Human Perf Sp 2021
Douglas Mpondi SOSC African Studies 2021
James Murphy BUS Accounting 2022
Rebecca Nemec CPS Nursing 2022
Adriana Nieto SOSC Chicano/a Studies 2020
Chris Odell CPS Human Perf Sp 2019
Emily Ondracek Peterson AHUM Music 2020
Lisa Ortiz CPS JTC 2020
Andrew Pantos AHUM English 2020
Christine Pink SOSC Soc/Anthro 2020
Vincent Piturro AHUM English 2021
Patricia Richard AHUM History 2020
Shelley Rohde PHYS Math & CS 2022
Richard Russell BUS Accounting 2021
Anahi Russo SOSC GITA 2019
Mandi Schaeffer Fry PHYS Math & CS 2022
Robert Schatz SOSC Psychology 2020
Susan Schelble PHYS At Large-Chemistry 2022
Rolly Schendel EDU TED1 2021
K Scherrer CPS Social Work 2019
Keah Schueneman PHYS Earth/Atmos. 2021
Dorothy Shapland EDU TED2 2021
Adrian Shopp BUS Finance 2019
Daphne Simmonds BUS CISBA 2021
Rachel Sinley CPS Nutrition 2021
Ellen Spitler EDU TED3 2021
Eileen Starr CPS At Large-Social Work 2021
Justin Stephens AHUM History 2019
Patricia Surman AHUM Music 2020
Lisa Suter AHUM English 2021
Craig Svonkin AHUM English 2021
Andrew Thangasamy SOSC Political Science 2021
Ben Thompson CPS Human Perf Sp 2022
Summer Trentin AHUM Art 2021
Kate Trujillo CPS Social Work 2019
Cynthia Vannucci CPS Hospitality 2019
Peter Vigil EDU TED2 2021
Jessica Weiss AHUM Art 2021
Ann Williams AHUM Modern Lang 2021
Tony Wolusky SOSC AFF/Criminal Justice 2020


2018-2019 Faculty Trustee

Chris Harder, Math & Computer Science


2018-2019 CFAC Representative

The MSU Denver CFAC representative is responsible for advising the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) on matters affecting higher education. 

Jeff London, Criminal Justice & Criminology


2018-2019 Representatives At-Large

Alex Komodore, Music
Susan Schelble, Chemistry
Eileen Starr, Social Work


Note on Faculty Senate Organization

The Faculty Senate, as per bylaws changes approved in 2014-2015, is organized by caucuses defined by principal academic subdivisions.  This structure will allow the Senate to react more nimbly to changes in the University structure as new schools and colleges are added. The new bylaws also include an automatic adjustment formula for changing the membership of the caucuses to ensure that the caucuses are of roughly equivalent size.

The current principal academic subdivisions are:

  • Arts and Humanities (AHUM)

  • Business (BUS)

  • Education (EDU)

  • Physical Sciences (PHYS)

  • Professional Studies (CPS)

  • Social Sciences (SOSC)

This structure is for internal Senate organization and does not affect the organization of schools and colleges under Academic and Student Affairs.  The specific membership of the principal academic subdivisions is available at



Historical Rosters....Stored in SharePoint....COMING SOON!



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