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Faculty Welfare Committee

Faculty Welfare Committee for 2018-2019

First/Last Name College/ Term   Email Dept
  School Ends      
Jeff Parker CLAS 2020 At Large/Chair THE
Dorothy Shapland EDU 2020 TED2
Azure Avery PHYS 2021 PHY
Robert Schatz SOSC 2020 PSY
XIO CBUS        
Rachel Sinley CPS 2021 NUT
Eileen Starr CPS 2021 SWK
Summer Trentin AHUM 2021 ART


Bylaws Charge

Section 16

16.1 Duties.
The Faculty Welfare Committee shall make recommendations to the Senate on policies and practices concerning full-time and part-time faculty, including but not limited to:

16.1.1 Fringe Benefits

16.1.2 Retirement

16.1.3 Review the status of hiring, salaries, benefits, promotion and participation in University affairs of faculty employed at the University.

16.1.4 Review the status of faculty rights, including tenure, the prevailing climate for academic freedom, intellectual property rights, and faculty opportunity for participation in policy formation at the University.

16.1.5 Review the status of academic responsibilities of the faculty.

16.1.6 Review, upon written request by a faculty member, restrictions on academic freedom, harassment, breaches of confidentiality and infraction against affirmative action; and prepare a summary report to the Senate.

16.2 Membership.
The Faculty Welfare Committee shall consist of one (1) Senator from the School of Business, two (2) Senators from the School of Professional Studies, three (3) Senators from the School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, and two (2) Senators elected at-large so that the total membership shall number eight (8).

16. 3 Part-Time Faculty.
The Welfare Committee shall have a subcommittee of representatives of the parttime faculty (those faculty teaching on a per credit, per term basis, per Article III of the Constitution) consisting of no less than three member and no more than seven. The subcommittee shall report to the Welfare Committee issues of concern of the part-time faculty. This subcommittee shall meet a minimum of once each semester during the academic year. (Amended 05/05/10-See New Section 23)