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Professional Leave Committee

Professional Leave Committee for 2018-2019

First/Last Name College/ Term   Email Dept
  School Ends      
Shawn Meek AHUM 2019 ART
Eileen Starr Appt-Welfare 2020 SWK
Tara Hammar CPS 2021 At Large HSP
Susan Ahrendt EDU 2022 TED1
Brendan Fry PHYS 2021 Chair MTH
Andrew Thangasamy SOSC 2021 PSC
Alex Fayman CBUS        
Emily Brower CPS 2020 NUR


Bylaws Charge

Section 23

23.1 Duties.
The Professional Leave Committee reviews, evaluates, and prioritizes faculty requests for sabbatical and professional development leave.

23.2 Membership.
The committee will consist of seven (7) members, to be chosen to two year terms according to ARTICLE IV Section 2 of the Bylaws. The President of the Faculty Senate is responsible for ensuring that the membership of the Professional Leave Committee is representative and has the right to correct any perceived imbalance on the committee.

23.2.1 If a current member is applying for leave, the member must resign from the committee by the Friday of the first full week of classes in the Fall semester.

23.2.2 The chair will be chosen by the Professional Leave Committee at its first regular meeting.

23.2.3 A committee member can not vote on a proposal if he/she has voted at an another level.

23.2.4 The committee may aid applicants by, and only by, an announced workshop, but in no case shall members be advocates for their school’s applicants.

23.3 Reporting Relationship.
The committee is responsible to the President of Senate and works in conjunction with the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

23.3.1 Faculty members submit their requests to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will forward requests to the Professional Leave committee for their review.

23.3.2 The Professional Leave committee will review, evaluate, and prioritize the requests. After the Professional Leave committee has determined their priorities, they will forward their recommendations to the President of Senate and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

23.4. The deadline for submission for all leave proposals is established by the Academic Calendar.

23.5 The committee meets as needed to meet the deadline dates established in the Academic Calendar.

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