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Rules Committee

Rules Committee for 2018-2019

First/Last Name College/ Term   Email Dept
  School Ends      
Daniel Krasner CLAS 2022 At Large PHY
Richard Russell CBUS 2021 ACC
Troy Morgan CPS 2021 HPS
Kara Halley EDU 2021 TED2
Wilton Flemon PHYS 2019 Chair CHE


Bylaws Charge

Section 11

11.1 Duties.
The Rules Committee shall:

11.1.1 Examine the Constitution and Bylaws for the purpose of recommending changes which would result in a more effective operation of the Senate.

11.1.2 Consider procedural problems at the written request of a committee of the Senate or President of the Senate.

11.1.3 Examine the staffing pattern at the beginning of the Spring Semester of each department to determine the number of Senators allocated by the Constitution in ARTICLE V and notify each department of the number allocated. This duty may be delegated to the staff working in the office of the Faculty Senate.

11.1.4 Certify the eligibility for the election of Senators to comply with ARTICLE V of the Constitution.

11.1.5 Serve as final authority on interpretation on the Constitution and Bylaws.

11.1.6 Appoint a Parliamentarian for the Senate.

11.1.7 Adjudicate jurisdictional disputes between/among committees, including but not limited to assignment of matters to standing committees.

11.2 Membership.
The Rules Committee shall consist of seven (7) members chosen according to ARTICLE IV, Section 2 of the Bylaws.


Official Rulings

As of November 16, 2013, the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order will be deemed the 11th, with ISBN number 0306820226, or 9780306820229.



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