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Multicultural Review Committee

Multicultural Review Committee for 2018-2019

First/Last Name College/ Term   Email Dept
  School Ends      
Adriana Nieto SOSC 2020 Chair CHS
Keah Schuenemann PHYS 2021 MTR
Tanya Greathouse CPS 2022 SWK
William Carnes CBUS 2021 MGT
Chad Harris ASA  
Jessica Weiss AHUM 2020 ART
VACANT EDU        


Bylaws Charge

Section 21

21.1 Duties. The duties of the Multicultural Curriculum Review Committee (MCRC) shall include, but not be limited, to the following:

21.1.1 Evaluate each new or existing course proposed to receive special academic designation, such as Multicultural designation or Service Learning designation. Evaluate modifications to an existing course with Multicultural designation or Service Learning if forwarded to the MCRC by the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee (FSCC). The evaluation will be based on the proposed syllabus and the Academic Designation form for the course using the multicultural or service learning course criteria described in the University’s Curriculum Guidelines, Policies and Procedures. The MCRC may recommend changes to the syllabus and/or the designation form and/or request additional documentation before making a final recommendation of approval or disapproval of the requested Multicultural designation or Service Learning designation to the FSCC.

21.1.2 Review any proposed changes to the criteria for conferring the Multicultural designation and the Service Learning designation, and forward its recommendation of such changes to the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee.

21.1.3 Share expertise and consult when requested by department chairs, the Office of Transfer Services, or other appropriate offices or committees on issues pertaining to the multicultural designation at MSU Denver. (revised Spring 2015)

 21.2 Membership. 
The Multicultural Curriculum Review Committee shall consist of six (6) senators to be chosen according to Article IV Section 2 of the Bylaws. With an additional one (1) ex-officio member without vote, appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

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