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Instructional Resources Committee

Instructional Resources Committee for 2018-2019

First/Last Name College/ Term   Email Dept
  School Ends      
Joanne Bailey CPS 2021 SWK
Peter Vigil EDU 2021 Chair CDL
Douglas Mpondi SOSC 2021 AFS
Andrew Pantos AHUM 2020 ENG
Lisa McVicker CBUS 2020 MGT
Vida Melvin PHYS 2019 BIO


Bylaws Charge

Section 18

18.1 Duties.
The Committee shall make recommendations to the Senate concerning questions related to instructional resources including but not limited to:

18.1.1 Instructional resources and services, such as educational technology, library services, Access Center, Center for Faculty Excellence, etc.

18.1.2 Legal matters relating to instructional resources and technolog

18.1.3 Conduct the elections for President, Vice President, Secretary, and all standing committees at the last meeting of the spring semester

18.1.4 Conduct other elections and voting at regular meeting as directed by the Senate

18.1.5 Act as tellers

18.1.6 Monitor the election processes for which there is a specified procedure in each of the principal academic subdivisions and report any and all infractions to the Senate.

18.2 Membership.
The Instructional Resources Committee shall consist of six (6) members chosen according to ARTICLE IV, Section 2 of the Bylaws. (Amended 3/9/2016)


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