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Faculty Diversity Committee

2018-2019 Members

Bylaws Charge

Section 22

22.1 Duties.
The Faculty Diversity Committee shall inform and make recommendations to the Senate concerning questions, issues, policies, and practices related to the recruitment, hiring, retention, promotion, numbers, ratios, and diversity of the faculty. The concerns of this Committee shall include but not be limited to:

a) Appropriate numbers and ratios of tenured to tenure track faculty, tenured and tenure track faculty to adjunct faculty, full-time to part-time faculty, temporary to permanent faculty, and faculty to students.
b) Under-represented groups within the faculty (including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability) in relation to total faculty, to student populations, and to the greater community served by the University; and
c) Projection of future trends related to the issues considered by the Committee.

22.2 Membership.
The Faculty Diversity Committee shall consist of two (2) senators from the School of Business, three (3) senators from the School of Professional Studies, and four (4) senators from the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences. To allow greater campus representation, up to three (3) ad hoc members from the greater faculty community, selected by a majority of voting members of the Committee, may serve as non-voting members. The Chair of the Committee shall be a member of the Senate and shall be elected by the voting members of the Committee.

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