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Academic Policies Committee

Academic Policies Committee for 2018-2019

First/Last Name College/ Term   Email Dept
  School Ends      
Chad Harris ASA  
Josh Martin CLAS 2021 At Large CHE
Jessica Weiss CLAS 2021 At Large/Chair ART
Richard Russell CBUS 2021 ACC
James Drake CPS 2020 HTE
Roland Schendel EDU 2021 TED1
Henricus Bouwmeester PHYS 2021 M&CS
Vida Melvin PHYS2 2019  At Large (serving AHUM seat) BIO
Connie Sanders Registrar  
John Andres SGA  
Joanne Bailey SOSC 2021 At Large (serving SOSC seat) SWK

Bylaws Charge

Section 14 Academic Policies Committee

14.1 Duties.
The Academic Policies Committee shall make recommendations to the Senate on all matters related to both undergraduate and graduate academic standards, including, but not limited to: 

a) Admissions criteria, awarding of transfer credit, and related practices not established by the State of Colorado or the Colorado Commission on Higher Education

b) Curriculum, including degrees, majors, minors, certificates, general education, and teacher preparation programs

c) Grading practices

d) Course credit and contact hours

e) Graduation requirements

14.2 Membership.
The Academic Policies Committee shall consist of Eight (8) voting members, to be chosen according to ARTICLE IV Section 2 of the Bylaws. The Provost shall appoint four (4) non-voting members, one to represent the Office of the Registrar, one to represent Catalog and Curriculum Administration, one to represent the Office of Graduate Studies, and one to represent the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs. The Council of Chairs and Directors shall appoint one (1) non-voting member. The Council of Deans shall appoint one (1) non-voting member. The Student Government Assembly shall appoint one (1) non-voting member so that the total membership shall number fifteen (15). (Amended 04/24/2019)

14.3 Student Representation.
The Chair of the Academic Policies Committee shall periodically meet jointly with representatives from the Student Government. The Committee shall have the duty of considering student views with respect to policies relating to academic standards.

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