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Latino Issues

Francisco Barbosa

Department: History

Title: Assistant Professor

Expertise: Latin American politics, youth and revolution in Latin America, Latin American immigration issues, gender issues in Latin America.

Antonio C. Bellisario

Department: Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Title: Professor of Geography-Planning

Expertise: Sustainability, Sustainable planning, Water and land (agricultural) policy in Latin America

Arthur Campa

Department: College Assistance Migrant Program

Title: Co - Principal Investigator

Expertise: Cultural and applied anthropology, Folklore, Impact of immigration on Southwestern U.S., Relations among Latino and Chicano populations, Migrant and adult education

Allison Cotton

Department: Criminal Justice and Criminology

Title: Professor

Expertise: Race and crime, Social causes of crime, The death penalty, Women and crime, Juvenile delinquency, Poverty and crime, Prison culture, Criminal justice and the media

Ramon Del Castillo

Department: Chicana/o Studies

Title: Professor, Chair

Expertise: Latino public policy issues and concerns, Diversity in American society, Chicana/o studies, Latino youth leadership development, Poetry

DelCastillo, Ramon

Lunden MacDonald

Department: Modern Language

Title: Director of Learning Communities and First Year Success

Expertise: Spanish language, Literature, Teaching, Contemporary trends in foreign language study, Translation, SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), SUDC (Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood), Investigative trends in SIDS and SUDC research

Cristina Miguez Cruz

Department: Modern Language

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Latin American culture, Literature, Cinema

Malena Perdomo

Department: Nutrition

Title: Affiliate Professor

Expertise: Nutrition and Dietetics

Marina Pereira

Department: Social Work

Title: Associate Dean - College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Expertise: Acculturation and assimilation changes in the U.S., Mental health issues of children, adolescents and families, Child abuse, Sexual abuse, Domestic violence, Loss and grief issues, Immigration, First-generation students, Service learning, Bilingual, Bicultural

David Piacenti

Department: Sociology and Anthropology

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Globalization, Immigration and culture change, Transnationalism, Sociological and anthropological theory, Qualitative methods and ethnography, Yucatec-Mayan culture, Latin America, Globalization in Peru

Robert Preuhs

Department: Political Science

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: American politics, Public policy administration, State and local politics, Racial and ethnic politics, Research methodology

Jose Quintana

Department: Chicana/o Studies

Title: Lecturer

Expertise: Cultural studies topics, Literature, Foodways, Folklore, Music, Language issues, General Chicana/o history

Carmen H. Sanjurjo

Department: Teacher Education

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Multicultural education, Teacher preparation, K-12 education, Secondary education, Bilingual education

Luis Torres

Department: Communication Arts and Sciences

Title: Interim Chair

Expertise: Chicano history, Cinco de Mayo, Mexican history, Multicultural education

Torres, Luis

Adriann Wycoff

Department: Chicana/o Studies

Title: Associate Professor - Chicana/o Studies, Co-Principal Investigator - College Assistance Migrant Program, Director - Family Literacy Program

Expertise: Community-based education programs, Family literacy, Migrant education issues, Nontraditional education, Latino literature (poetry emphasis), Women and poverty

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