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Beer/Brewing Operations

Andrew Bonham

Department: Chemistry

Title: Chair, Associate Professor

Expertise: Biochemistry, DNA technology, Food science

Michael B. Jacobs

Department: Chemistry

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Physical chemistry, Brewing science, Analytical chemistry, General chemistry, Meat science, Biodiesel

Jacobs, Michael

Scott Kerkmans

Department: Hospitality, Tourism and Events

Title: Instructor

Expertise: Beer styles and service, Beers of the world, Brewery operations

Gregory Neale

Department: Hospitality, Tourism and Events

Title: Affiliate Professor

Expertise: Advertising, Marketing, Beer industry marketing and promotions, Brand strategy and positioning, Marketing communications, Shopper marketing, Promotions and events, Digital and social media (particularly in the alcohol beverage sector)

Ethan Tsai

Department: Hospitality, Tourism and Events

Title: Lecturer

Expertise: Materials chemistry, Liquid crystals chemistry, Condensed matter phases, Nanomaterials

Tsai, Ethan

Helene Ver Eecke

Department: Biology

Title: Associate Professor

Expertise: Microbiology, Extreme microbiology, Industrial fermentation, Teaching pedagogy

Michael Wray

Department: Hospitality, Tourism and Events

Title: Professor

Expertise: Beer-food and wine-food pairing, Chemical additives, Food production and meal planning, Genetically altered foods, Healthy cooking, Special needs recipes, Enology, Restaurant management