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Mohammed Akacem

Akecem Mohammed


Economics, Stock Market, International Studies, Energy/Oil/Gas, Bilingual


Domestic and international economics, Middle East and Africa economics, Eurodollar, Money and banking, OPEC, Stock market, Wall Street, Global Energy, Democracy in the Arab world, Islamic fundamentalism, The New Iraq, Islamic banking and finance, Democracy and Islam

Degree: Ph.D.

Title: Professor

Department: Economics


Office Phone: 303-615-0107

Interviewed by: The Denver Post, BBC, NPR, 9NEWS, Global Finance, Christian Science Monitor, Denver Business Journal, Your Middle East

Additional Languages Spoken: Arabic, French


Akecem teaches Principles of Macroeconomics and Money and Banking. 

He has taught at Metropolitan State University of Denver since 1991.

For more than 20 years, Akacem has been studying the fundamentals of global economics with a special emphasis on energy. 

He is a former economist with the African Development Bank, the Algerian Ministry of Energy, an Algerian oil company and the Saudi Fund for Development. Akacem has direct experience with Middle East policies and economic development, OPEC, oil issues, global banking and the international economy. Akecem often brings globally recognized energy leaders into his classroom, including Ahmed Benbitour, the prime minister of Algeria, who spoke via Skype about the current political and economic changes in the Middle East.

His professional travels have taken him to countries around the globe, including Singapore to study sovereign wealth funds and his native country of Algeria to explore exchange opportunities between MSU Denver.

He also teaches MSU Denver’s Kuwait Study Abroad program.

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