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Important Update

Please note: As of 2018, the Instructional Design team (formerly part of the ETC/ITS) is now organized under Academic and Student Affairs. This change does not affect the course improvement services we offer and we still welcome any/all related inquiries.

If you have any questions regarding instructional design support services, please contact Alex McDaniel (303.615.0832) or Taylor Kendal (303.615.0673) directly, or contact the Center For Faculty Excellence (303.615.0800).

The Educational Technology Center (ETC) exists to collaboratively enhance teaching and learning, through promoting sound pedagogy and the innovative and effective use of technology. The ETC designs, develops, implements, and supports systems, services, and products which are essential to teaching and learning both online and in the classroom.

Additionally, the ETC supports instructional technologies that can contribute to MSU Denver’s academic excellence by increasing student engagement with course materials, supporting active learning strategies, fostering communication and collaboration, streamlining course administration, and assisting students in developing their skills for the future.

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