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Equal Opportunity and University Trainings

Welcome to the Equal Opportunity and University employee training site. One of our ongoing commitments to students, faculty, and staff is to ensure that the campus complies with Federal regulations. One of the most important of these has to do with our commitment to a harassment-free work environment. To that end, we have partnered with one of the leaders in the Risk Management industry, Workplace Answers, to provide on-line training courses to assist in achieving this goal.

The recent compliance changes, require the preventing discrimination and sexual harassment courses to be updated and expanded. In order for the University to be in compliance, all employees of the MSU Denver community that previously took the “Preventing Sexual Harassment” training, and new employees of the MSU Denver community, will need to complete the updated and expanded versions of the training courses.

Additionally, MSU Denver is committed to building and preserving a community in which all of its members can work together and study in an environment free from all forms of exploitation and intimidation. Therefore, we are requiring everyone to complete the “Bullying Prevention for Higher Education” training course.

Each training will take approximately 30 – 45 minutes to complete. However, you may start, stop, and continue the trainings until completed.

All current and new MSU Denver employees are required to complete the trainings outlined by by your employment category.

 If you have any technical questions regarding these trainings, please contact the MSU Denver IT Services Helpdesk at (303) 352-7548 or



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