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EO/AA Policy Statement


Office of Equal Opportunity



Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) has a continuing moral and legal obligation to foster equality of employment and educational opportunity at the institution and to ensure that no one is discriminatorily excluded from its programs or activities because of her/his race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expressions. All members of the University community are therefore expected to comply with the provisions of this Affirmative Action Program as well as with federal and state laws prohibiting, discrimination in employment and education. 

In keeping with these obligations, all employment‑related actions including recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, salary and benefit plans and terminations are to be administered in a manner calculated to promote equal employment opportunity. Employment‑related decisions shall, moreover, be made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability/handicap, or Vietnam‑era Veteran, disabled veteran status, or sexual orientation or gender identity and expressions, and shall be based solely on valid, nondiscriminatory criteria and requirements.

MSU Denver will also take whatever steps are necessary to prevent unlawful discrimination in its educational, social and recreational programs and activities.

To assist the University to achieve these goals, an Equal Opportunity Office has been established to educate the University community in implementing affirmative action; to monitor institutional practices and procedures; to review and report on the University's implementation of the affirmative action program delineated by this Program; to recommend measures necessary to ensure compliance with this Program and federal and state law; and to mediate, hear, and recommend resolution of complaints of unlawful employment and educational discrimination.

You are urged to familiarize yourselves with this Program and with federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination. All administrators, faculty, employees and students have a responsibility to assure all present and prospective members of Metropolitan State University of Denver community equal employment and educational opportunity. I therefore expect each of you to make every good faith effort to implement MSU Denver’s Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Diversity Programs. Allegations of discrimination should be reported to the University’s Office of Equal Opportunity at 303.556.4746, SSB 440.


Stephen Jordan, President

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