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Auraria Campus Emergencies


Metropolitan State University of Denver takes very seriously its responsibility to communicate emergencies on campus to our students, faculty and staff.

There are several means of communication used to notify the entire campus community of an imminent or in-progress emergency, including an Emergency Notification System (ENS), broadcast messages via campus phones, University email, and an alert on The University will also notify students, faculty and staff of campus crimes that are not emergencies but fall within the parameters of a Campus Safety Report/Police Report issued by Auraria.

There are things you can do as well to help better assure your safety in an emergency. First, sign up for the ENS. It’s a text-messaging service that will notify you immediately when there is imminent danger such as an active shooter on campus, a fire or a tornado. ENS will also notify you if the Auraria Campus is closed due to inclement weather, including snowstorms.

Being prepared is equally important. Please take a moment to review the 24-page Emergency Procedures Guide that will teach you how to be prepared for emergencies and the guidelines for responding in an emergency. The Emergency Procedures Flyer is a one-page quick guide for responses to nine emergencies that you are encouraged to download and post. There are also videos on campus safety and shots fired on the Auraria website.

Please take a moment to review this website so that you’re informed of the communications and services that are available.

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In Case of Emergency

Dial 911

Auraria Police Non-emergency:


Inclement Weather Line:


Mental Health/Victim Assistance Crisis Line:


Counseling Center:


Health Center at Auraria:


Emergency Procedures Auraria Campus