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Additional Information

Here you will find information on additional details and options regarding your culminating licenure program clinical experience. 

Student teaching is generally available only during fall and spring semesters.  The traditional public school schedule does not allow for student teaching during the summer months and the schedule of the year-round schools is not conducive to an appropriate student teaching assignment of 16 weeks. 

At application, candidates submit three approved preferences for student teaching placement.  Candidates are encouraged to research possible placements via the internet or site observation before submitting their choices.

In keeping with national accreditation standards, placements for licensure candidates are made with teachers who are licensed in Colorado in the appropriate content areas, have a minimum of three years’ licensed experience in their field of specialization, model good professional practice, express a commitment to inducting new teachers into the profession, and are recommended by their principal. 

Classroom and school sites are sought which provide candidates opportunities to:

  • Demonstrate competence for professional roles;
  • Relate theories regarding “teacher decision making in diverse contexts” to practice;
  • Create meaningful learning experiences for all students;
  • Study and practice in varied settings with different age groups, cultural groups, and exceptional populations;
  • Dialog and reflect upon professional decisions and practice.

Official student teaching placement requests are made only by the Student Teaching Office through the appropriate designated officials, whether at the district office or school building level. Once a request is sent, the student teaching candidate will receive a student request letter outlining the next steps in the process. Please read this letter carefully and explore the district procedures for more information about the process. When the district/school approves the request, the Student Teaching Office will send the student confirmation letter along with the details of the placement. 

Please note that student teaching placements cannot take place in:

  • the high school the licensure candidate recently attended;
  • a school where relatives or friends of the licensure candidate are employed;
  • a school where the licensure candidate is currently employed;
  • a school where the licensure candidate has children or siblings in attendance.

Teacher candidates must register for the correct student teaching course using accurate course reference numbers (CRN). Errors in registration result in delays in obtaining licensure. Consult the online registration Class Schedule for listings and CRNs.

Check the guide below to verify that you have registered correctly; all students must register for a total of 12 credit hours.

If you have trouble registering, please contact the School of Education Student Services Office at for assistance.

Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate student teaching courses:

DepartmentCourse NumberCreditsProgram Area(s)
EDU 4190 12 Elementary Education*
EDS 4290 12 Secondary Education (English, Science, Social Studies), K-12 Education (Foreign Language)
ECE 4390 12 Early Childhood Education
CLD 4590 6 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (in addition to 6 credits in initial licensure area)
SED 4490 12 Special Education
ARTE 4701 12 K-12 Art Education
MUS 4971 6 K-12 Music Education (K-6 version) (Music Education Students take MUS 4971 and MUS 4972, concurrently)
MUS 4972 6 K-12 Music Education (7-12 version) (Music Education Students take MUS 4971 and MUS 4972, concurrently)
MTL 4690 12 Secondary Math Education
    12 K-12 Physical Education students register for 6 credits each of EDU 4190 and EDS 4290, concurrently.

*Students under the 2015-16 catalog and later may be required to complete residency in place of student teaching, dpeending on their program.


Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) student teaching courses**:

DepartmentCourse NumberCreditsProgram Area(s)
EDUM 6190 12 Master of Arts in Teaching: Elementary Education
SEDM 6490 12 Master of Arts in Teaching: Special Education
TEDM 6800 1 Master of Arts in Teaching Capstone Course

**Note: MAT student teachers must register for the correct student teaching course and the capstone.

Please refer to the Student Teaching Handbook for more information on registration.

Each licensure candidate will be assigned a University Supervisor prior to the start of the student teaching semester. Our supervisor pool is a mix of full-time and affiliate faculty members.

These are the forms you and your University Supervisor will be using during your placement. Please review with your Supervisor which forms they require, as some are optional.

Daily Class Schedule To be filled out by the Student Teacher and submitted to the University Supervisor at the initial meeting.
Student Teacher Information Sheet To be filled out by the Student Teacher and submitted to the University Supervisor at the initial meeting.
Initial Visit To be completed by the University Supervisor during the initial visit with the Student Teacher.
Journal Entry To be completed by the Student Teacher and due at each seminar, or as requested by the University Supervisor.
Observation Report The University Supervisor will fill out one Observation Report for each visit made to the classroom.
Mid-Term Report The University Supervisor will fill out one Mid-Term Report half-way through the placement.
Final Report The University Supervisor will fill out one Final Report at the end of the placement.
Special Education Checklist Special Education Student Teachers have additional requirements. Please use this checklist to ensure you've fulfilled your requirements.
Social Studies Student Teaching Evaluation To be completed by all Social Studies candidate's University Supervisors at the end of the placement. 

Throughout creation and development, the Teacher Work Sample is evaluated by the University Supervisor assigned to the Student Teacher.  Successful completion of this component is required by MSU Denver for the Approved Program Verification Form which is submitted for licensure. The TWS requirements have been created based on the Colorado Teacher Quality Standards.


Teacher Work Sample (TWS)

Please read through the three sections required for your TWS. You must include one bibliography that integrates all resources cited across the three sections in your TWS. Utilize the style guide most appropriate to your professional discipline and as approved by your university supervisor.

Forms Used During the Teacher Work Sample

The following forms will be used during the completion of the TWS. The University Supervisor will discuss them, along with other requirements, during their seminars.


Teacher Work Sample Rubric for All Areas

The TWS will be graded by the University Supervisor based on the following criteria. The rubric should be filled out and submitted to the Student Teaching Office at the close of the semester.

Blackboard Learn

Students must submit their Final TWS to Blackboard in order to be recommended for licensure. Do not upload until you have received permission from your University Supervisor. Please read the Teacher Work Sample Submission Instructions to ensure you are uploading it correctly. You will not receive an email notification when it has been uploaded; it has been successfully submitted if you are able to see it under your profile in Blackboard.

Blackboard Learn:

Congratulations! Now that your student teaching placement is over, there are just a few more steps towards licensure.

Please review the End of Semester Letter we emailed you along with this Process For Licensure sheet which outlines all components that must be turned in to the Student Teaching Office.

Student Teachers are responsible for uploading their Teacher Work Sample to Blackboard Learn. Your TWS must be uploaded to Blackboard by the given deadline in order to be recommended for licensure.

At the end of each semester we ask that the Student Teacher completes online evaluations of their cooperating teacher(s) and University Supervisor(s), as well as a program exit survey. We appreciate your valuable input and feedback! Please note that the evaluation surveys are confidential.

It is common for students to ask their University Supervisor for a letter of recommendation after their placement is complete. Please fill out the following FERPA Form if grades, GPA, or other information obtained from Banner will be included in this letter.

Upon successful completion of all student teaching requirements, the Director of Student Teaching signs the Approved Program Verification Form for initial licensure through the Colorado Department of Education. If you are moving out of state, you may provide our office with the appropriate form for that state's Department of Education.

To be recommended for licensure, candidates must:

  • Complete all requirements for a bachelor’s degree
  • Complete all requirements for the professional licensure sequence
  • Pass the appropriate content examination
  • Successfully complete student teaching requirements
  • Demonstrate proficiency in all licensure standards

Please access the Colorado Department of Education website for the application form for initial licensure.

For your CDE application you will need scanned copies of the following:

  • Approved Program Verification Form
  • Official Transcripts from all undergrad, post-bacc, and Masters studies
  • PLACE/Praxis II test scores

We offer scholarships for Student Teachers, so be sure to keep an eye on the School of Education Scholarship page.  Scholarship applications typically open in March each year, but additional scholarships occasionally become available throughout the year.  

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