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Cooperating Teachers

As a teacher, you provide a valuable service by accepting a student teacher in your classroom!  We are grateful for the many teachers who are willing to devote the time and effort needed to encourage and mentor our teacher education students as they prepare for the teaching profession.

Please explore the expandable content below for access to the necessary forms for assessing the student teacher’s progress and receiving compensation for your effort, general information on procedures, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The Student Teaching Handbook provides more explanation regarding responsibilities and expectations. The University Supervisor assigned to the placement is also able to answer questions you might have.

At the start of the placement process the Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships will send a Principal Request Letter to the appropriate district office official or school principal. Please refer to the District Procedures if you would like more information about your district's placement procedure.

Once the student teaching placement has been confirmed, our office will send you the official Principal Confirmation Letter and your student teacher will reach out to schedule a time for you to attend the Pairs Workshop together.

Thank you for working with one of our MSU Denver Student Teachers! At the end of the semester you will receive an End of Semester Letter that will outline the last few steps in our process.

We value your input and ask that you take a few minutes to fill out this Evaluation of University Supervisor.  All responses are anonymous and confidential.


Please complete, sign, and submit the following forms to the Student Teaching Office. You can submit these anytime, but our office will wait to process them at the end of the semester. You will need to print and sign both the Honorarium and W9. Please note that checks are processed and mailed by the Accounts Payable office at the end of the semester. You will receive the renewal form before the honorarium payment.

You may submit these forms by email by scanning and emailing to, or mailing to:

MSU Denver Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships
Campus Box 21
PO Box 173362
Denver, CO 80217-3362


Verification of Supervision   Fill out this form to receive licensure renewal credit.
Honorarium Form Submit this (along with the W-9) to receive the Honorarium payment.
W-9 Submit the W-9 along with the Honorarium form.
W-9 Instructions This is for reference when filling out the W-9; please do not submit with your other forms.

 Please check with the University Supervisor regarding deadlines.

Cooperating Teacher Lesson Observation This optional form is helpful in tracking your student teacher's progress.
Communication Of Progress Report This optional form is to be filled out and submitted to the University Supervisor as requested.
Mid-Term Report This form should be completed in collaboration with the University Supervisor and Student Teacher halfway through the placement.
Final Report This form should be completed in collaboration with the University Supervisor and Student Teacher at the end of the placement.

If you have other questions, please email us at, call (303) 556-2652, or refer to the Student Teaching Handbook.


1. Can I receive both the honorarium and the renewal credit, and when are those processed?

You can receive both; our office processes the forms at the end of the semester of service.

2. When should I expect to receive my honorarium?

The honorarium documents are sent to Accounts Payable and take longer to process. You should expect to receive your renewal credit before you receive your honorarium.

3. How do I submit the supervision verification form for credit?

The renewal credit you receive does not display on a transcript. You simply submit the verification form you receive from this office to the Colorado Department of Education when it is time to renew your licensure. Please do not return the form to this office.

4. How do I notify your office about an error on the confirmation letter?

Please contact this office with the correct information; examples of misinformation may include the spelling of a name or an incorrect grade level. Sometimes a second coop teacher may be added or removed, or there may be a change in coop teacher. We appreciate your letting us know so we can correct our records.

5. Why does the confirmation section we submit to your office ask for home address and phone?

We plan to communicate with coop teachers through email, but we may need to contact you via phone or mail items to you outside of the school year.

6. Who do I notify if problems arise with the student teaching placement?

We ask that you begin with contacting the university supervisor; however, you are always welcome to contact our office and discuss your concerns with our Director. It is our hope that early action may lead to a successful resolution of difficulties.

7. Do I need to notify you of an address change?

Yes. Although we try to communicate by email, certain items such as honorarium payments and supervision verification forms are mailed. Sometimes the address submitted on the confirmation or these forms at the beginning of the semester needs to be adjusted due to a move. A quick call or email to our office means a smoother processing of your compensation.

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