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Degree Requirements

Please refer to the University catalog for degree requirements:

*Note: MTH 1110 or MTH 1310 is required as one of the prerequisites to ECO 2150 and will also satisfy your Quantitative Literacy requirement under general studies. MTH 1210-Intro to Statistics is an additional prerequisite to ECO 3150-Econometrics which is not listed in the catalog, only in the course desciption for ECO 3150. This course will serve as a prerequisite and count towards general electives for your degree program in economics.

*Please consult with the Department of Economics Academic Advisor for degree planning. Advising appointments for current students can be made through the Student Hub by going to the "Get Advising" tab under "Current Students" from the main MSU Denver webpage. For additional questions, please contact the department at (303) 615-0111.

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