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The EAS Internship Board is located by the southwest second floor entrance. Please feel free to take any of the internship descriptions.
The EAS Internship Board is located by the southwest second floor entrance. Please feel free to take any of the internship descriptions.

The Internship Program offers services to students seeking an internship placement.  Our orientation will introduce students to internship search skills, resumes, cover letters, and interviewing.  We have a comprehensive database of local internshippositions for most majors on campus.  Internship positions can be in large corporations, small businesses, government offices, and nonprofit agencies. 

Internships can be paid or unpaid and can typically be done for academic credit.  Policies and eligibility for credit vary by department so students should check with the Internship Program for details.   An internship coordinator will guide students through the process of creating a learning agreement, getting departmental approval and getting registered for the credit.  Many internships are part-time, allowing students to simultaneously attend school.

For more information, call or visit the Applied Learning Center at 303-556-3290, Administration Building Ste. 325, or visit

Please read this Internship Checklist for more information.

An internship is an opportunity to integrate career related experience into an undergraduate education by participating in planned, supervised work. 

  • Interns gain valuable job experience related to their major
  • Students with internships enhance their marketability with employers
  • Students with internships can better relate their coursework to a professional setting
  • Internships help students make realistic career decisions
  • Internship supervisors can provide students with recommendations for graduate school or future jobs
  • Paid internships help student earn money to help defray college expenses
  • Interns can sometimes receive academic credit toward their degree

Most EAS Majors require students to complete a 3 credit internship. However, this may vary depending on your catalog year. Please visit with an EAS Advisor or review your major requirements in the MSU Denver Catalog before you consider signing up for an internship.

1 credit = 45 hours of work 

2 credits = 90 hours of work

3 credits = 135 hours of work 


Applied Geology

Internship Requirement: 3 credits


Environmental Science (All Concentrations except Secondary Science Licensure)

Internship Requirement: 3 credits


Geography (All Concentrations)

Internship Requirement: 3 Credits


Geospatial Sciences

Internship Requirement: 3 Credits



Internship Elective: 2-6 Credits 


Land Use (Archived Major)

Internship Requirement: 2 credits

  • Contact the Applied Learning Center by calling 303-556-3290 or stop by their office in the Admin Building, Ste 325 to register for orientation. You can also contact the EAS Internship Advisor, Molly Weller Thompson,
  • Access to the TIP Online Internship Database (once you have completed orientation, you will have access to a database listing a wide variety of internship opportunities)
  • Utilize your networks
  • Speak with your Faculty on leads
  • Stop by the EAS Internship Board (we post all EAS related internship opportunities on this board)
  • Check out our EAS Facebook Page

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