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Put a feather in someone else’s cap

Have you sent someone a feather yet? Say thanks to a colleague as part of a new campuswide gratitude initiative.

By Dan Vaccaro

November 29, 2016

Your colleague did you a solid. She had your back. He went above and beyond the call of duty.

There’s a new way to say thanks to the rock stars in your life. It’s called the Roadrunner Gratitude initiative.

Here’s how it works:

Head to the main entrance of Student Success Building, the Admin Building, or the first floor southeast entrance of West Classroom.

  1. Fill out one of the provided gratitude notes for a colleague or student.
  2. Tape the note to the display, and if you’d like, share a photo of the note on Twitter or Instagram using #RoadrunnerGratitude.
  3. Take one of the provided feathers and deliver it to the individual as a symbol of gratitude. The delivery can be a covert operation or a public declaration.
  4. Encourage that person to share in the spirit and fun with their own note.

This initiative in sponsored by the Council of Administrators in collaboration with Human Resources and will run until Dec. 9.

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