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CHAMP Industrial Advisory Board (CHAMP-IAB)

Metropolitan State University of Denver's Engineering Technology Department will be creating an Industrial Advisory Board for the TAACCCT grant (known as CHAMP) received through the U.S. Department of Labor.

The CHAMP Industrial Advisory Board (CHAMP-IAB) will review the overall health and status of the MSU Denver CHAMP grant; advise the faculty and staff on the program's general direction; critically review the program strategic plans; and help develop, maintain and innovate the curricula. The CHAMP-IAB objectives will be to:

  • Improve the direct applicability of the CHAMP grant at MSU Denver to that of local (state-wide) industry
  • Foster relations between MSU Denver and Industry
  • Serve the MSU Denver CHAMP grant in consideration grant requirements by the Department of Labor (DOL), who is the Federal Agency responsible for the TAACCCT grant programs.

While the CHAMP-IAB will benefit our program and students, it will also allow the potential for your business to:

  • Extend your circle of industry contacts
  • Share your specific business's needs for current and future employee education
  • Contribute to the ongoing development and growth of your industry, especially within the state of Colorado.




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