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Diversity Initiatives

Thank you for your interest in advancing MSU Denver’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

Grant Information

Diversity Initiative Grants are awarded to faculty and staff of MSU Denver for initiatives, programs, and/or events that advance the University’s core values on diversity and inclusion. Applicants need to provide a FOAP (MSU Denver account number) that starts with 1000 for transfer of any awarded funds. Applications for Diversity Initiative Grants should be submitted at least 90 days prior to your proposed initiative, program, or event. The maximum grant amount awarded is $4,000.  

Grant Process

Once you begin filling in the Diversity Initiatives Grant Application online, you will not be able to stop and save your individual form and return to the application later to complete it.  Therefore, we are providing the questions, and their point values up front so that you can prepare your answers in advance and then enter your information online. Follow the link below to the Word document of the application and save it. Then you can compose answers and copy and paste them into the online form. 

 Diversity Initiatives Grant Application and Point Values

Upon submission of your application, the person listed as the Primary Organizer will receive an emailed copy of the completed application. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will contact you about the status of your proposed Diversity Initiative Grant Application after it has been reviewed.

If awarded funding, you will receive an award letter by email and funds will be transferred to the provided MSU Denver account number.

Within 90 days after your initiative, program, or event, you are required to submit a report and final budget outcomes via a link under the Diversity Initiatives tab on the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s web page.

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