Art Educator Lab

Immersive programs leverage the university‚Äôs unique intellectual and cultural capital to provide quality programming for educators across the generational spectrum including seasoned, novice and future teachers. 

MSU Denver Teaching Apprenticeship

A learning lab for MSU Denver, all programs in the Young Artist Studio are led by art education students. Graduates from our teaching apprenticeship program enter successfully into careers in schools, community and arts organizations with experience teaching in a state of the art gallery.  Young artists benefit from instructors enmeshed in contemporary learning theory with expertise in a variety of media.

MSU Denver students in Art Education interested in an apprenticeship should apply below.


Opportunities for Professional Educators

A Metropolitan State University sponsored research group, Theory Loves Practice brings art educators together monthly to cultivate contemporary arts practices in our classrooms. This winter we are designing individual research questions, documenting, reflecting and illuminating our findings through beautiful installations. We aim to offer superior arts education to our students and to contribute to academic theory in the field of arts education.