CVA Staff

Director and Curator

Cecily Cullen | email

Education Director

Talya Dornbush | email

Communications Manager

Heather Link-Bergman | email

Budget Manager

Kim Wendt | email 

Gallery Manager

Jenna Miles | email

Chair, Art Department

Deanne Pytlinski

Student Gallery Assistants

Danielle Cunningham-Tierney
Amber Micciche
Dakota Ryans
Wyatt Scott
Taryn Trussell
Audrey Twigg
Jolene Yazzie
Kristin Smith

Student Marketing Communications Assistant

Curtis Tucker 

Student Teaching Apprentices

Spencer Eudaly
Danielle Payne
Jasmine Wynter

Leadership Council Members 

Mary Coffey, Lindsey Ernst, Joan Foster, Greg Geissler, Stephanie Grilli, Lindsey Housel, Christina McClelland, Allison McCready Melun, Heather Park Meek, Kevin Raines, Nikki Sandschaper, Michael Stratton and Jennifer Tansey.