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Expense Transfer



Welcome to the Expense Transfer webpage! Accounting Services is proud to offer a new online expense transfer process. Our goal is to make it convenient and easy for the user. Everything you need is at your finger tips! Please click on one of the links below and answer the corresponding questions.  This will lead you through the submission process. For any questions or concerns on how to navigate through this process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the purpose of a transfer?

The purpose of a “transfer” is to either reallocate financial resources among departments, or to move revenues or expenditures that were recorded incorrectly.  The appropriate method must be determined on a case by case basis with a consideration of fund types, circumstances, as well as dollar amounts involved.


Below are the buttons to the different common usages for expense transfers. The blue buttons will bring you to an expense transfer request form. The red buttons will download a document. The gray buttons will redirect you to another MSU Denver website. To learn what the buttons are used for, please see the correlating guides below.


— Expense Transfer Guides —

An expense transfer refers to expenses that have posted in Banner Finance that need to be reallocated  in total or split between multiple FOAPAL. Miskeys or split FOAPAL are just two examples for this type of transfer.


Necessary Information to Request an Expense Transfer
  • A brief explanation/business purpose for the transfer request 
  • An AP Document number and vendor name.
  • A departmental FOAPAL, including approvals*

Note: If you have more than five transfers, please submit an excel sheet with all of the required backup and approvals to Accounting Services.

Note: You need approval from an authorized signor for each FOAPAL. If any transfers involve a Foundation Fund (48xxxx), any amounts over $5000.00 must go through the Foundation Office for approval.

Note: All transfer requests that involve Travel Advance accounts (7111, 7211, 7311) must be processed through Accounts Payable.

 *Include activity and location codes, if applicable.

Example of an Expense Transfer

Description: 16RA0101 ABC Company

From: 1000-ACC-6700-1100 (this is where the original expenses reside)

To: 2xxxxx-ACC-7020-1100 (this is where the expenses are to be moved)

Various departments run ads in different University outlets, which are invoiced through MSU Denver Student Media. Instead of wrtiting a check to itself, a transfer is processed to record the expense to the department and revenue for Student Media.


Information needed for a Student Media Invoice Transfer: 
  • A copy of the Student Media Invoice
  • A copy of the advertisement
  • A Department FOAPAL including approvals*

Note: Any Athletics or 48xxxx funds are required to use activity and/or location codes.

*Include activity and location codes, if applicable.

Example of a Student Media Transfer

Description: MSU Denver Ads Inv 15985 05/22/15 (invoice number & date)

Debit: Fund-Organization-Account-Program-INTRNL-Location $25.00 (your department FOAPAL) this is where the expenses are to be moved)

Credit: 201630-SPUBL-5725-0510-INTRNL $25.00 (this is where the original expense resides)

This transfer is specific to the Student Organization Incentive Program ONLY.


Information needed for a Student Organization Transfer request:
  • A valid business purpose
  • The 8XXXXX FUND receiving the incentive
  • Approvals for the FOAPAL

Note: All the requirements must be met to receive this incentive. Contact Student Organization Association for more information about this program.

Example of a Student Organization Incentive Program Transfer

Description: Awarded incentive prog for 8xxxxx

Debit: 201040-SCLUB-66282-1500 $25.00 (this is the FOAP funding the charge)

Credit: 8XXXXX-SCLUB-5905-0999  $25.00 (this is the FOAP receiving the funds)

This transfer refers to Frosty's Feast invoices. This fund-raising event is hosted by Rocky Mountain Profession Convention Management Association (RMPCMA). The departments who attend the event must remit payment/transfer for their entrance ticket and lunch. 


Information needed for a Frosty's Feast transfer:
  • A copy of the Frosty's Feast Invoice
  • A FOAPAL to be charged including approvals*^

Note: Receipt and list of attendees is required as backup documentation.

*Include activity and location codes, if applicable.

^Any Athletics or 48xxxx funds are required to use activity and/or location codes.

Example of a Frosty's Feast Invoice Transfer

Description: Frosty's Feast Inv 19658 (invoice number)


Credit: 205555-HTE-5702-0510-INTRNL $50.00 (the FOAPAL to receive the funds)

This transfer refers to MSU Denver's Campus Recreational rentals and services such as CPR/First Aid training, camping equipment or hiking & climbing trips.


Information needed for a Campus Recreation rental transfer:
  • A copy of the invoice or backup documentation
  • A department FOAPAL including approvals*^

*Include activity and location codes, if applicable.

^Any Athletics or 48xxxx funds are required to use activity and/or location codes.

Example of a Campus Recreation Rental Transfer

Description: Renting Inv 19658 (invoice number)


Credit: 2007XX-SRECR-57XX-0510-INTRNL $50.00 (the FOAPAL to receive the funds)

This transfer is an 8300 account transfer which is a way to reallocate financial resources among department(s).


Information needed for an 8300 Account transfer:
  • Any backup relating to this transfer (optional)
  • A FOAPAL to be charged including approvals*^

*Include activity and location codes, if applicable.

^Any Athletics or 48xxxx funds are required to use activity and/or location codes.

Example of a 8300 Account Transfer

Description: Internal Transfer to 202510 (FUND receiving funding)

Debit: FUND-ORGANIZATION-8300-9100-ACTIVITY-LOCATION $50.00 (the FOAPAL providing the funding)

Credit: 202510-MUS-8300-9100- $50.00 (the FOAPAL to receive the funding)

This transfer is required for departments that are attending the MLK Peace Breakfast.  It is the only way to pay for the tickets. This transfer is now being coordinated directly via the MLK web page.

Please note:

  • You may NOT use a University issued credit card to pay for tickets.  These can only be processed via a transfer.    
  • You may NOT purchase a ticket with personal funds and then ask for a personal reimbursement. 

What is a FOAPAL?

The acronym used for the account code structure in Banner Finance and represents the following:


Where do I find the document number?

There are many different Banner forms that you can look at. FAIVNDH and FGITRND are two of the most common used forms for verifying document numbers and vendor names. 

What is an Authorized Signor?

An authorized signor has permission from the department head (President, VP, Dean, Chair, etc) to sign for that department’s expenses. To view your departments signors, you may view the Signatory Authorization list. 

What is a Budget Transfer & Who do I contact?

Moving budget from one FOAPAL to another FOAPAL within the same fund type.  It can be for the allocation of funds for the year or for giving funds to different departments. There are base fund transfers which moves the budget permanently or one-time transfers which are only for the current year. For any questions or concerns, please contact the Budget Office.

What is a Payroll (Salary) Transfer & Who do I contact?

Any salary transfers relating to a specific person and a specific pay period should be done as a payroll adjustment or payroll redistribution and it must originate from the Payroll Office. Please contact the Payroll Department from our staff directory.

What is a Revenue Transfer & Who do I contact?

A revenue transfer is moving cash that has already posted to another account within the same funding source. Revenue is rarely transferred from the original fund, unless an error must be corrected.  Please speak to Director of Accounting Services ( or 303-556-4843) to confirm whether a particular revenue transfer is appropriate.

If you have any questions that have not been answered, please contact Accounting Services.
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