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What Does the Digital Media Minor Offer?

Career Options

The Digital Media Minor includes courses from the departments of Art, Communication Arts and Sciences, and Technical Communications and Media Production. This minor consists of 24 hours, six of which must be upper division. The minor is designed to provide skills that will increase employment opportunities in the field of digital media communication. In addition to required core courses, students choose one of the following concentrations: motion media, interactive media, content design, or still-media. The motion media concentration deals with TV and corporate video production. Students in interactive media work with computer graphics, interactive applications, and Web-based media production. The content design concentration focuses on the design of the message from the visual and written perspective. Still-media students explore with photography, photojournalism, and computer imaging. Students should contact an advisor to plan a course of study for their particular minor. If you have taken any one of the required courses as part of your major, you must substitute another course(s) in the minor for it. Digital Media Minor

See the Course Catalog for details. 

Students interested in this minor should consult with an advisor in the Communication Arts & Sciences or Journalism and Technical Communication departments.



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Motion Media Concentration (DMM)

Television and Corporate Video Production

Interactive Media Concentration (DMI)

Computer Graphics, Interactive Applications, and Web-Based Media Production

Content Design Concentration (DMC)

Design of the Message from the Visual and Written Perspective

Still Media Concentration (DMS)

Photography, Photojournalism, and Computer Imaging