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Communication Studies

Communication is one of the most important human qualities, and proficiency in any one of the areas of Communication Studies will open up many exciting career options to the graduate.‌

The Department of Communication Arts & Sciences (CAS) offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies with several emphases, including Broadcasting, Organizational Communication, Rhetoric, Ethics & Social Justice, and Strategic Relationship Maintenance. Many graduates in Communication Studies pursue work in their emphasis of study. They are also afforded a variety of career options in education, government, business and industry, and broadcasting.

CAS 1010 Public Speaking is a general studies class that emphasizes growth and development in public speaking. The course acquaints students with the basic theory of the art of public speaking and provides experience in the preparation and delivery of speeches. (General Studies–Level I, Communication). 

  • The Organizational Communication emphasis prepares graduates for work in consulting, training and conference planning. This concentration presents lucrative and satisfying careers to Communication Studies graduates. Many job opportunities are available in education, government, business and industry as well as private practice as a consultant.
  • The Rhetoric, Ethics & Social Justice emphasis prepares graduates for a successful career in law, industrial and organizational communication, educational administration, public affairs, speech writing for political figures, teaching and theology.‌
  • The Strategic Relationship Maintenance emphasis provides graduates a solid background for work as human resource specialists, employee managers, public relations specialists, personal relationship consultants, and is an excellent preparation for graduate studies in social science research programs.

Communication Studies Minor 

Communication Studies Minor

Speech Communication Minor: Archived Catalog 2015 - 2016