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Alumnus Lesley Lange on her experience with CAS

"My professors at MSU Denver, were not only expert in their fields, but highly vested in imparting that knowledge to their students, I know that the students from the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences program were all well prepared for graduate school and beyond."

See her full spotlight on our Alumni page!

Welcome to CAS!


CAS is made up of the Communication Studies and the Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences degrees. CAS encompasses everything that deals with what it means to communicate and enrich our lives and those around us.


 Our students learn essential skills for work and family life – from trust building to persuading, from negotiating to resolving conflict, from training others to crafting memorable messages.Organizational Communication  prepares you for careers in consulting, training, employee relations and managementRhetoric, Ethics & Social Justice sets the stage for careers in law, sales, speech writing, theology, and moreStrategic Relationship Maintenance students develop expertise in interpersonal relationships, perfect preparation for human resource specialists, mediators, and personal relationship consultants



A Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences (SLHS) degree will prepare you to work as a speech-language pathology assistant, position you to pursue the graduate degree necessary for licensure in speech-language pathology or audiology, or provide you a solid

background for those wishing to persue careers in education, healthcare, or vocational rehabilitation. Our SLHS students learn in small classes, from professor who are recognuzed experts in their field, all supplemented by community-based clinical internships.


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Breaking Down Bias to Build a Better Campus

What are micro-agressions?  Click here to learn what they are, how to identify them and what MSU Denver is doing to combat them!  Then watch this video by Met Media featuring Dr. Katia Campbell and many other employees of MSU Denver discussing micro-agressions!

The Professor's Room: Rich Kessel

Check out this great series from the Early Bird featuring our very own Rich Kessel!  Learn what he does in his spare time on campus and all about his Prosche obsession!  Oh and guess what?  He is related to Kurt Cobain!   Kessel has a very unique and interesting office so click here to read the article!

Checkout One of Our Awesome Affiliates, Lynn Wismann!

Get to know Lynn Wismann!  She teaches American Sign Language on both the main campus and the South campus.  Lynn has been teaching ASL at MSU Denver for nearly two decades!  Click here to learn more about her story!

Misadventures of a Systemic Bacterial Infection - Dr. Lundy

Did you miss Dr. Ludy's presentation at the 2018 NSSLHA End of Year Social, Catherine Curran Lecture Series? Click Here to watch a video of her presentation or read a summary of her amazing story and find out what has been going in her life since last Thanksgiving!

Spring 2018 Commencement!

Click here to see a list of all 80 Communication Arts and Sciences majors that graduated on May 11th, 2018 during the Spring Commencement! 

Come see what our CAS students did at the 2018 Undergraduate Research Conference!

We had 29 students from the Communication Arts and Sciences Department participate in the 2018 Undergraduate Research Conference this year!  Click here to see a highlight on Dr. Huddy's students from his Interpersonal Communication class as, well as a complete list of all our students that participated!  Go CAS!

Center for Teaching, Learning and Design

“In grad school, I imagined professors had lunch with each other three times a week to talk about teaching, but that’s not the reality when you enter the professoriate,” said Jeff Loats, director of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design.

Sound familiar? Click here to find out how you can help lead a Faculty Learning Community next year to help support discussions like these!

Why can't men and women just be friends?

Check out Asst Professor Mike Monsour, PhD, as he addresses this age old question on Ontario Today