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Welcome to the Criminal Justice and Criminology Department!

Criminal justice and criminology is a fast-growing field where students can explore the functions of, and interactions among, police, courts, and corrections systems. Class offerings are a varied blend of theoretical examination and practical application, ranging from human behavior and social structure to management principles and supervisory skills. The Criminal Justice and Criminology Department recognizes that each of us is a teacher as well as a student. It operates as a diverse community that embodies passion, commitment, civility, integrity, and mutual respect. The CJC faculty and staff provide opportunities for collaboration, renewal, and scholarship in academic preparation for responsible, equitable and moral administration of justice.

The CJC faculty are committed to leadership in the community and to examination and assessment of the criminal justice paradigm. See Criminal Justice and Criminology for general information on the department.  

From fall 2018 semester, the CJC department houses the B.S. in Cybersecurity major. The B.S. in Cybersecurity is a social science based B.S. major, providing students with the knowledge and practical skills of computer crime, information systems solutions, proper seizure and recovery of comput-er evidence. For more information, see here




FBI Information Session  

  • If you are interested in federal law enforcement agencies, this will be a great chance to get to know FBI. See FBI Information Session for more information.  

Metro State Day at DU Law

  • The Sturm College of Law at the university of Denver is holding a Metro State Day for students who are interested in going to law schools. See Metro State Day at DU Law for more information. 

Crime Stoppers Next-Gen

  • Metro Denver Crime Stoppers Next-Gen is looking for students who are committed to the goals of Crime Stoppers. For more information, see the attached files. Crime Stoppers 

Colorado Law Enforcement Hiring Expo

  • If you are interested in becoming a police officer or being in the law enforcement sector, you may want to attend this event. For more information, check the attached file. Colorado Law Enforcement Hiring 

Study Abroad in South Korea 

  • If you are interested in learning other culture and criminal justice system, you may want to consider registering for one of our Study Abroad programs. See Study Abroad in South Korea_Fall 2018 for details.  

Of the People

  • A new student group is looking for officers and members to "put unity back into community." See Of the People for details and contact for any questions.

Job Openings

  • Independence House Fillmore, a Residential Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Center Halfway House in Denver, is looking for a part-time security technician. This can be a great experience for anyone interested in getting into the law enforcement field ($15 per hour). If you're interested in this position, contact Conor Techentien at 303-321-1718 (ex. 1), or 
  • Denver Sheriff's Department is hiring! More information can be found in the attached file. Denver Sheriff 2018 Hiring
  • Check here for other opportunities.  

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