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History and Mission


Dr. Jordan


The mission of the Civic Engagement Program is to offer educationally meaningful service opportunities that positively impacts the community and provides opportunities for students to develop as engaged citizens.‌



Since he took on the leadership of MSU Denver in 2005, President Jordan has consistently talked about his vision of an “urban land-grant” college that meets the needs of the community by incorporating an extended and applied service mission constructed upon mutually beneficial partnerships.

To realize Dr. Jordan’s strategic initiative of engaging, collaborating, and working with the community, the Civic Engagement/Urban Land Grant task force was born in 2008.

Together, MSU Denver faculty, staff, and students researched various models of community engagement, visited successfully engaged campuses, and developed a set of proposals designed to continue and expand the University’s connections to the greater metro Denver community.

As a result of the recommendations of the task force, the MSU Denver Center for Urban Connections emerged in 2009. In the fall of 2012, the Center for Urban Connections became a part of the Applied Learning Center which is now housed in the Administration Building 325. The name was changed in 2016 to the Civic Engagement Program to bring it into alignment with the other Applied Learning Center programs.  The Civic Engagement Program is an accessible resource for students, faculty, and community partners.

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