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Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio assessment provides you the opportunity to write about and document the learning you've gained from experience and to apply for credit for specific MSU Denver courses. The EDS 2680 course is required in order receive credit via portfolio. The Portfolio Development Workshop (EDS 2680-1) guides you in the development of your portfolio and advising is available from the Center for Individualized Learning. The award of credit for specific courses through portfolio assessment is based upon an evaluation of your portfolio by faculty in the appropriate academic department. Not all academic departments participate in Portfolio Assessment.


EDS 2680 - Portfolio Development Workshop

Credits: 1 (1 + 0)

Description: Students learn to identify, analyze, discuss, and document learning gained through experience. Students integrate prior experiential learning with current educational needs and goals. Basic principles of adult learning and developmental theory are introduced as they apply to the student’s experience. Students will prepare a prior-learning portfolio. Those who are interested may develop this portfolio into an application for credit for prior learning.

The Portfolio Development Workshop is available as a correspondence course that you may enroll in at any time and complete at your own pace as long as you complete within 6 months.  We do encourage you to complete within the term you enroll. An instructor is available to you by phone, email and by appointment to assist you.

To find the course, click on the link below:

Fall 2017

**Before registering for this course, please call us at 303-615-0525 to speak to someone about this option. We’ll answer any questions you might have and help you identify the appropriate academic department to consult with regarding credit through portfolio assessment. Not all academic departments participate in Portfolio Assessment.

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