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CLEP (The College Level Examination Program)

Want to Learn More About Earning Credits by Testing Out of Classes?

CLEP Exams may be your answer


  • Save Time
    • Get college credit for what you have already learned
  • Save Money
    • Cost of the exam(s) are significantly less than the cost of tuition
  • Graduate on Time
    • Exams may help you finish sooner, if you are a few credits shy of graduating
  • Reach your career goals
    • Demonstrate you have college-level knowledge in subjects relevant to your work



CLEP (The College Level Examination Program) is a national, standardized testing program through the College Board that allows students to test and earn college credit. Most General Studies requirements can be met through CLEP unless your major has specific courses required as a part of your general studies. Credit for certain other MSU Denver courses are also available.


For a list of CLEP examinations accepted at MSU Denver, the required score(s) for credit, the equivalent course(s), and the policies that govern the award of credit, consult the online catalog.


If you would like to talk with someone about how to integrate CLEP and other prior learning options into your degree plan, contact the Prior Learning Specialist, Danielle Forrest, in the Center for Individualized Learning at (303)-615-0525.

The College Board Guide to the CLEP Examinations, a publication available at many bookstores, offers sample tests and other helpful information about CLEP examinations and how to prepare for them. Additional information about CLEP is also available on the College Board website.


All 33 exams are administered on a computer and most are 90 minutes long.  The examination is preceded by a tutorial that explains how to take the exam on the computer.  The tests are composed of multiple-choice or fill-in questions, with the exception of College Composition, which requires multiple-choice answers and two essays typed on the computer.

CLEP examinations are offered through the MSU Denver Testing Center throughout the year.  Students wishing to take CLEP examinations are advised to delay registering for college courses in the subject areas in which CLEP credit may be earned.  If it is not convenient to take an examination at MSU, a student may register for testing at any testing center located throughout the United States.  See CLEP for a list of locations.  When taking a CLEP exam at another site, the student must request that his/her scores be sent to MSU Denver school code 4505. 

Calculators are built into the test; personal calculators are not allowed.

Accommodation requests need to be pre-approved by the Test Center before registering for a CLEP exam. 


1)      Create Your Personal Account with CLEP Getting Started Page

  • Pay the $85 exam fee (Please note, this fee is current as of January, 2015 but is set by the College Board and could change in the future.)
  • Select the institution
  • Register for exam(s). Registering for an exam provides you with a payment receipt and a Ticket ID, but you must contact a test center to schedule the date and time you wish to take the test.
  • Print out the Ticket ID provided. This must be presented to the Test Center on the scheduled test date.

2)      Reserve a date and a computer at the MSU Denver Computer-Based-Testing lab. You can call the MSU Denver Testing Center at 303-556-3677. They are located in the Tivoli Student Union Room 347. The Testing Center administration fee is $35 and must be paid via cash or credit card (no American Express) at the testing center.

3)      CLEP examinations may be taken by appointment at the MSU Denver Assessment and Testing Center in TIV 347 or at any other CLEP testing center. Official score reports should be sent to MSU Denver, Office of Admissions, Campus Box 16, PO Box 173362, Denver, CO, 80217-3362.


All examinees must present at least one form of identification in order to take the CLEP.  Examinees testing within their country of citizenship may bring an unexpired driver's license, a current State or Federal ID card, Military ID or a current Passport as ID. Examinees who are not testing within their country of citizenship must bring their passport in order to be tested. 


You may not repeat an examination of the same title within three months of the initial testing date.  If you retake the examination within the three-month period, your administration will be considered invalid, your score will be canceled and any test fees will be forfeited. **Students who completed test(s) prior to October 17, 2014 must adhere to the previous six month policy. 


Credit earned will be entered on the student’s transcript with the title of the examination(s) and without reference to any specific MSU Denver course(s). CLEP examinations are recorded without reference to a letter grade and are not figured into the student’s GPA. Credit earned through CLEP examinations does not count toward residency credit requirements.  Please review the academic residency requirements in the university catalog.

For more information about CLEP please visit

FOR MSU Denver policies regarding CLEP evaluation please visit the MSU Denver catalog.

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