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FAQ: Credit for Prior Learning

Do all academic departments participate?

No, the decision to use these options is up to each academic department.

What departments don't allow prior learning credit?

Art, Social Work, and Teacher Education do not use prior learning credit options for their courses. Other departments may limit which courses can be challenged and may choose to use one, but not all, of the prior learning credit options available. Consult with an advisor in the Center or contact the department directly for information.

Does prior learning credit affect my GPA?

Because a grade is not assigned, your GPA is not impacted by credit awarded through any of the prior learning credit options.

Does prior learning credit count for residency credit requirements?

No, because prior learning credit reflects learning that occurred outside MSU Denver.

Does prior learning credit from other colleges transfer into Metro?

Generally, prior learning credit through portfolio or departmental exam earned at another institution does not transfer. A department chair must specifically request the credit as transfer credit for it to apply to a degree at MSU Denver.

To have CLEP examinations considered for credit, please have a score report sent to MSU Denver, Office of Admissions, for evaluation. Although you may have already earned credit for a CLEP exam at another institution, their guidelines may be different than MSU Denver's.

Does prior learning credit affect my chances to be admitted to graduate school?

Generally, no. Graduates of MSU Denver with prior learning credit on their transcripts have gone on to many different graduate and professional schools. If you are concerned about a specific graduate school program, we recommend you check with that college or university.

What does prior learning credit cost?

For portfolio assessment and departmental credit examination, the cost is currently $379 per course. This assessment fee covers the costs of administering the Prior Learning Assessment program.

For portfolio assessment, we require that you take a one credit hour workshop, EDS 2680-1, the Portfolio Development Workshop that will enable you to create the best portfolio possible with the best chance of success.

The cost of CLEP examinations may vary depending upon where you take the exams. There is no charge to have your scores evaluated for credit at MSU Denver. There is also no charge for credit awarded based on the published guides from the American Council on Education.

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