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Department of Chemistry - Faculty & Staff

The Chemistry Faculty maintains an extensive office hours and advising schedule to serve student needs.

 Tenure & Tenure-Track Faculty

 NameEmailOfficeWebsiteField(s) of Interest
 Russ Barrows  SI 3044    Instrumental, Organic & Analytical Chemistry
 Andrew Bonham, Chair SI 3062A 

Teaching Site

Research Site

 Biochemistry, Organic & Biological Chemistry
Megan Filbin-Wong SI 3055 Research Site  Biochemistry, Forensics, Organic & Biological Chemistry
 Wilton Flemon   SI 3045    Online Education
 April Hill  SI 3057  Research Site  Analytical Chemistry, Criminalistics
 Mike Jacobs SI 3056     Physical & Analytical Chemistry
 Megan Lazorski SI 3053   Inorganic and Materials Science
Josh Martin SI 3048  Research Site General, Analytical, and Physical Chemistry
 Emily Ragan SI 3049    Biochemistry, Organic & Biological Chemistry
 Susan Schelble  SI 3042   Organic Chemistry & TQE
 Ethan Tsai SI 3054  Research Site Organic Chemistry & Materials Science
 Rosemarie Walker SI 3043    Inorganic (STEPS NIH Grant, PI)

 Faculty Instructors

 NameEmailOfficeWebsiteField(s) of Interest
Sophia Cherry SI 3050   General Chemistry
Chad Magee SI 3038   Organic Chemistry
Andy McMillan SI 3040   Biochemistry

Department Staff

Katie Senga Academic Coordinator SI 3062D
Mike West Laboratory Manager SI 3062E
Kristy Peck Laboratory Coordinator SI 3088
Natalie Keller Departmental Advisor SI 3058

Visiting, Affiliate, and Other Faculty

Name Email Office Website Field(s) of Interest
Bagley, Dean SI 3052    
Bryant, Erick SI 3052   Criminalistics
Burl, Jessica SI 3052   General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
Dufour, Scot SI 3052   Criminalistics
Farmer, Garry SI 3052   Environmental and Analytical Chemistry
Faulkner, Rebecca SI 3052   General Chemistry 
Gasser, Philip SI 3052   Biochemistry
Keel, Amanda SI 3052   Biochemistry
Kemme, Mallory SI 3052   Criminalistics
Khanal, Akhil SI 3052   Biochemistry
Lind, Gerhard SI 3047   Physical Chemistry
Mant, Colin SI 3052   General, Analytical, and Biochemistry
McElwee, Donald SI 3052   Organic & General Chemistry
Miorelli, Jonathan SI 3052    
Nold, Christopher SI 3052   General Chemistry
Schmidt, Izabela SI 3052    
Schubert, David SI 3052   Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
Smiley, Tim SI 3052   General Chemistry
Svedruzic, Drazenka SI 3052   Biochemistry
Wieder, Milton SI 3047   Organic & Advanced Organic Chemistry
Woolman, Brooke SI 3052   Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry


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