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Due to budget constraints the Center for Faculty Excellence at Metropolitan State University of Denver no longer purchases a group online subscription to The Teaching Professor. However, Auraria Library does subscribe to the print version and professors can request digital copies of this.

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Accessing The Teaching Professor

Auraria Library has print copies of The Teaching Professor for almost all of the volumes since it began in 1987. We also have online access from 01/01/2004 - 08/31/2006. The most recent print copies cannot be checked out; however, Auraria Library has multiple scanners and copiers. Print Catalog Record:

The Teaching Professor is indexed in Academic Search Premier. To only search/browse The Teaching Professor, enter The Teaching Professor in the first search box and then use the dropdown menu to limit to SO Source. Enter keywords, if you like, in the second and/or third search boxes. This ONLY includes full text from 01/01/2004 - 08/31/2006. For additional full text, see below.

The Teaching Professor Scanning / Document Delivery

This is the permalink to the search for The Teaching Professor in Academic Search Premier. The link below takes you to a results page for The Teaching Professor.  As new volumes are indexed, they will automatically be added to the results list. Users can add keywords to their search to look for articles about a specific subject.

Teaching Professor Permalink

For either of these options, users can submit an Interlibrary Loan request to Auraria Library for full text.

Please note, The Teaching Professor is indexed in Academic Search Premier starting in 2004.

Faculty may request electronic delivery of materials that are in the Library in non-electronic format. Use the Interlibrary Loan form ( and note that you are an Auraria Campus faculty member.

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For a complete list of Library teaching, research, collection, and access services available to Auraria Campus faculty (CU Denver, MSU Denver, and CCD), please visit Auraria Library Faculty Resources.


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