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eSRI Workshop FAQ


Courtesy of Vicki Seehusen

eSRI task force – The task force examined evaluation software. We’ve been doing online evaluations for online courses since the 1990’s. It was a home-grown tool and it was replaced in 2014 with Evaluation Kit.  The response rates went from 18% to 52% using the newer system. The big difference was the look and feel of the user interface.  So they decided to pilot campus wide with EvaluationKit.  250 in the pilot. The response rate was only slightly lower. There was some minor feedback (e.g. the difficulty in using on mobile devices). They did it a second time and the response rate (mid 60’s) was essentially the same as those using the paper evaluations (71%). For more information on the task force and what they did, go to:

Are students more likely to write comments on e-SRI’s?

Have not looked at this in particular, but of course, the comments are more readable.

What is the eSRI evaluation time period?

Please refer to the Course Evaluation Period Formulas table.

How are students notified to complete their eSRIs?

Students receive the following set of email communications for each evaluation period (the link is not course specific) as identified by the courses they are taking and the Course Evaluation Period Formulas table. For example, a student taking two 5-week courses and one 16-week course would have only two evaluation periods for that semester. Below are the email communications and sample emails that are sent. Instructors, please do not send these samples to students as the students will receive the emails via the SRI system with custom URL's to complete evaluations.

  • All Students and Instructor of Record: Initial email notification sent at the start of the course evaluation period.

SRI: Initial Email for Instructors

SRI: Initial Email for Students

  • Instructor of Record:  Three days prior to the evaluation end date, a reminder email is sent to instructors to check their SRI response rates.

SRI: 3-day Reminder for Instructors

  • Students who have not completed an evaluation for that evaluation period: Three days prior to the evaluation end date a reminder email is sent to students who have not completed their evaluations.

SRI: 3-day Reminder for Students

  • Students who have not completed an evaluation for that evaluation period: An email reminder is sent on the final day of the evaluation period.

SRI: Final Day Reminder for Students

If a student has active evaluations which have not been completed, a popup window appears each time they access Blackboard Learn. The initial email sent to students contains information on how to access the SRI survey via a mobile app.

Faculty Access to Scores

They anticipate faculty will have access to the scores and comments approximately two weeks after the end of semester.  For Fall semesters, due to the holiday break, faculty should expect to be able to view SRI results approx. January 31st, which is still much sooner then when SRI was processed through the paper scantron process.

How Can Faculty Check on Number of Responses During the Evaluation Period?

You may access your response rate information by clicking on the link provided in the email all faculty will receive or by following the steps outlined below.  If the number of responses is low, it is suggested faculty send reminders to the students.

  1. Access Faculty and Staff Hub and Login to Blackboard Learn
  2. Under the My Institution tab, look for the link titled “Click here to access your SRI (Course Evaluation) Response Rates” 
  3. Click on a Evaluation “Part” (e.g. [Semester] [Year] Part [##]) to see a break down of response rate by course. 

More information can be found at:

How can faculty See the RESULTS after the evaluation period?

Results will be available for faculty to view approx. 4 weeks after the semester ends.  Due to the holiday break immediately following the end of the Fall semester, Fall detailed results information may be available approx. January 31st following the Fall semester.  For instructions on how to view your SRI results, please visit

Can Departments Add "Section 2" Supplemental Questions to the SRI Instrument?


Is the Online eSRI the same evaluation instrument as the previous paper evaluation form?

Yes, the questions and options for students are the same as the Paper eSRI form.  You can view a sample of this form that students see at

Is the Online eSRI system anonymous when students complete their evaluations of a course?

Yes, at no time can anyone determine which evaluations were completed by which student.

If a student reports that they have incorrectly evaluated the wrong course (3 days PRIOR to the deadline of evaluations for that course section), what can they do?

Please have the student contact the ITS Helpdesk at 303-352-7548 and request that their student evaluation be reset.  The student will need to provide the following information to the helpdesk agent:

  • Name
  • 900 Number
  • CRN for the course evaluation they would like to have reset
  • Subject and Course Number, and section number (e.g. AAA-1010-001)

The course evaluation they completed will be “RESET” and they will be able to then use the same access methods (email link already received, mobile application, or Blackboard Learn) to re-complete the evaluation for that course

One concern to think about:

Too many emails to students resulting in them ignoring the emails or becoming irritated and then comments become lower.




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