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EvaluationKit has been used at MSU Denver since summer 2015 for collecting Student Ratings of Instruction for online courses. During the spring and summer 2016 terms, pilot tests were conducted to explore using EvaluationKit for face-to-face courses as well. At the conclusion of the pilot, the eSRI Implementation Team recommended a University-wide implementation of the eSRI collection process using EvaluationKit beginning fall semester 2016.

Student View of eSRI Process


If students access Blackboard Learn during an ACTIVE evaluation period, they will receive an automatic window requesting that they complete their student ratings of instruction. Or they may complete them later (prior to the deadline).

When students access their course evaluations by either clicking on the “Go To Student Evaluations” button via Blackboard, clicking on the link to log in via the e-mail communication, or by accessing the mobile app via the instructions provided in the email communication, they will see a list of courses for which they may complete evaluations (where the current date is between the start and end date of evaluation for that course).

When a student clicks on the link for a course (in this example, “201650.54535 : Adv Motiv….”), the evaluation opens. 

Once the student completes the evaluation it will appear as completed in the list of courses they may evaluate.


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