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EvaluationKit has been used at MSU Denver since summer 2015 for collecting Student Ratings of Instruction for online courses. During the spring and summer 2016 terms, pilot tests were conducted to explore using EvaluationKit for face-to-face courses as well. At the conclusion of the pilot, the eSRI Implementation Team recommended a University-wide implementation of the eSRI collection process using EvaluationKit beginning fall semester 2016.

Faculty View: Response Rate Screens


When faculty click the link in the initial email communication received on the first day of evaluation, a screen opens that shows the evaluation periods (“Part ##”) and overall response rates for all their courses within a particular “Part ##” (evaluation period):

In this example, the faculty member can click on the title “Fall 2016 – Part 24” for a detailed view of the response rates by CRN.


If you no longer have access to the email with a link, you can access your response rates during the evaluation period by using the steps outlined below:

  1. Access Faculty and Staff Hub and Login to Blackboard Learn
  2. Under the My Institution tab, look for the link titled “Click here to access your SRI (Course Evaluation) Response Rates” 
  3. Click on a Evaluation “Part” (e.g. [Semester] [Year] Part [##]) to see a break down of response rate by course. 

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