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EvaluationKit has been used at MSU Denver since summer 2015 for collecting Student Ratings of Instruction for online courses. During the spring and summer 2016 terms, pilot tests were conducted to explore using EvaluationKit for face-to-face courses as well. At the conclusion of the pilot, the eSRI Implementation Team recommended a University-wide implementation of the eSRI collection process using EvaluationKit beginning fall semester 2016.

Department Chair / Dean View: Response Rate Screens

  • Department Chairs and Deans may review response rate information for evaluation periods that are currently under way. No specific information about evaluations are included in these reports, only the response rates by department and course section (CRN) are displayed.
  • You will see options for Instructor Reports and Project Results which are not enabled. However these options display and will not function.
  • On any of the evaluation report screens, you may sort by columns by clicking on the column names “Response Rate”, “Title”, or “Code”.  Clicking multiple times on the same column name will reverse the sort order from ascending to descending.  

Steps to access the response rate information:
1.    Login to Blackboard Learn via the Faculty / Staff Hub at

2.    Click on the “Click here to access your EvaluationKIT dashboard” link in the “EvaluationKIT Course Evaluations” area of your My Institution Tab.

3.    A screen opens that shows the evaluation periods (“Part ##”) and overall response rates for all the courses within a particular “Part ##” (evaluation period).  In this example, the Department Chair or Dean can click on the title “Fall 2016 – Part 26” for a detailed view of the response rates by Department.

4.    You will see an overall view of response rates by department.  Note for Deans: You may see your College or School listed, which are courses that were created in Banner and assigned to the College/School department code rather than a specific department within your college or school.

5.    You may click on a department title (listed under the Level column) to get more details about the individual course section (CRN) response rates.

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