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Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

Are you new to the CITI program?

Click on the box below for step-by-step instructions on registering for the training.

1.  Go to the CITI website ( and register as a new user. 

2.  To complete CITI training, you must be affiliated with a participating institution.  Please select "Metropolitan State University of Denver" from the participating institutions dropdown list.

3.  You will need to create a user name and password.  Keep track of this information as it will allow you to log in and out of the program and complete the training modules at your own pace.

4.  The program will ask you if you will be requesting CME/CEU credits for the course(s) you are about to complete.  Choose "No" for this question, so the training is free.

5.  Fill out all the required fields, including your institutional email address (

6.  When you select your curriculum, in Question 2 for Responsible Conduct of Research, most researchers at MSU Denver are conducting social and behavioral research and should select that learner group. 

7.  For ALL other questions under the curriculum choices (Questions 1 and 3 - 6), select "Not at this time" or simply leave the choices unchecked when "Not at this time" is not an option. 

Please Note: Researchers are welcome to add and complete other courses and training in the CITI program.  Once you register for the CITI program, you can always change learner groups or additional modules later.  This is helpful for researchers who may need to complete additional training in CITI for other MSU Denver offices or programs.

8.  The program will ask you if you want to register with another institution (besides Metropolitan State University of Denver), please select "No."

9.  The Responsible Conduct of Research Course should appear under your course list in the Main Menu.  Follow the link to access the individual modules.  The Main Menu will show you the status of the training and allow you to access a completion report when the training is complete.  You may log out of the training at any time and the program will keep track of the modules you have already completed. The optional modules are optional and do not count towards your completion report.

10.  Once you have completed all the required modules in the training (including quizzes), you will be granted a completion report.   The CITI RCR course training is valid for 3 years.  

As a courtesy, the CITI program will alert you to expiring training via email and provide access to a refresher course as you near the expiration date. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that the required training is complete and current.

Accessibility:  According to the CITI Program website, the course modules are compatible to screen readers.  In addition to English, many of the courses are available in the following languages: Chinese, French, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.

If you have questions concerning:
Human Subjects Research Training - Contact Human Subjects Protection Program at
Grants or Funding - Contact the Office of Sponsored Research & Programs
If you need assistance registering or navigating CITI:
Contact: Liz Gettings at


CITI Training Affiliation

Please Take Note: As you register for the CITI program, make sure your affiliation is with "Metropolitan State University of Denver" and not simply "Metropolitan State University." 

If you are not associated with the correct institution, you cannot access MSU Denver's required training modules.

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