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Annual Report 2017

The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) has a mission to provide professional learning resources and activities designed to help all faculty flourish as teachers, scholars, and colleagues.

Our interactions are: Foundational, voluntary, and confidential

Our approach is: For faculty, by faculty

Increased Audience: The number of CFE users remains steady (579 participants), an 83% increase in the number from the 2014-15 academic year, despite a decrease in operational budget of 19% over the same two-year time period.

Improved Portfolio Outcomes: The 2016-17 CFE redesign of the Portfolio Workshops has been very successful. Faculty learned more than in 2015-16 about portfolio inclusion (+47%), due dates (+30%), reviewer perspective (+29%, narratives (+27%), and locating resources (+26%).

Increased Orientation Satisfaction:  Since the CFE revamped Tenure-Track Orientation in the fall of 2015, satisfaction has greatly improved. In addition to increased satisfaction rates in our exit evaluations (a satisfaction rating of 4.4 out of 5) , the 2017 Climate Survey Orientation confirms that new tenure-track faculty are increasingly getting what they need at orientation.

Increased Degree of Satisfaction: Ninety percent reported they were Somewhat or Strongly Satisfied with the CFE activities, an increase of 3% from the previous year.

Learning Communities and Portfolio Workshops are the most popular events, and their satisfaction scores increased +4% and +10% respectively.

Increased Consultations: The number of one-on-one consultations, related to either Digital Measures or of a general nature, has increased 41% over the last year.

The CFE continues to run faculty consultations and workshops affiliated with the Digital Measures portfolio preparation for the review, tenure, promotion, and sabbatical process.

Increased Participation: The popular year-round Writing In The Semester program (WITS) has nearly doubled its attendance this year.

Workshop and forum participants have seen an increase of 58% from the previous year.


 View the 2017 Annual Report for more details.

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