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CAVEA Theater: Image of guests experiencing the CAVEA Theater's 270° surround visualization

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CAVEA Theater

The CAVEA was designed in conjunction with the construction of MSU Denver's Student Success Building which opened in 2013. The center was envisioned as a community resource to facilitate collaborative, complex decision-making. The space is flexible and adaptable to serve a variety of types of inquiries, events, and purposes. Immersive projection capabilities enable stories and information to be explored in a variety of engaging ways. A variety of visualization tools are available to help deepen shared understanding in multi-stakeholder, data-rich, or experiential problem-solving and learning experiences.


Image of a large audience engagement in the CAVEA Theater during an event facilitated by the former Lt. Governor.


Image of participatory class engagement in an immersive environment in the CAVEA Theater.

Collaboration and Co-creation

Unique, immersive environments for collaborative discussion and discovery
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