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Career Opportunities with a Major in Human Nutrition

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Many jobs require a college educated individual. College graduates can use their education in a wide variety of occupations.

Nutritionists provide guidance for individuals and groups on proper nutritional practices that benefit health and help prevent disease. Nutritionists advise people on proper nutrition and how essential it is to the health of the human body. The need for nutritionists is fair but with more education the potential jobs increase. Nutritionists work in hospitals, nursing homes, extended-care centers, clinics, health clubs, weight-loss organizations, and sport training camps. There are many entrepreneurial opportunities with this degree as well. Registered dietitians are nutritionists who have met specific coursework requirements and a supervised practice experience. Registered dietitian status increases job opportunities.


Skills Related to Human Nutrition

  • Good communication skills

  • Teaching skills

  • A desire to help people

  • Interest in food science

  • Belief in the value of proper nutrition

  • Positive attitude about physical fitness and wellness

  • Planning, instructing, and record keeping skills

  • Organizational and management skills


Potential Careers Related to Human Nutrition

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The following list is a representative sample of job titles for individuals with a Nutrition major. The list represents some, but certainly not all, careers which Nutrition majors may consider.

Some of these jobs also require education beyond a bachelor's degree.

Dietitian Nutritionist Community Nutrionist
Biomedical Scientist Restaurant Manager Caterer
Quality Assurance Specialist Food Scientist Food Inspector
Food Technologist Food Plant Manager Food Service Manager
Sports Nutritionist Health and Fitness Educator Cooperative Extension Specialist


Professional Organizations in This Field

Websites Related to Human Nutrition


The above information is collected from alumni surveys of numerous colleges, professional associations, and multiple print and online resources. 

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