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Career Evaluation Workshop Syllabus

CPD 2350
Course Title: Career Evaluation Workshop


Course Description

This class assists the student in examining the components of career choice. The focus is on career awareness, personal awareness, and educational awareness as they relate to the process of career choice. Planning skills and self-assessment instruments will help identify tentative career options. Decision-making strategies, resume writing, interviewing skills, and job search techniques will be reviewed.


General Course Goals

1. To understand that the components of career choice include career, personal, and educational awareness.

2. To recognize that a career is a life-long process that involves continuous evaluation and reprioritizing of values.

3. To learn how to identify your personal interests, skills, and values and compare them with several career options.

4. To learn the skills involved in researching and acquiring a job.

5. To learn how to make decisions and set short- and long-term goals.


Course Activities

Experiential exercises
Discussion of text
Computer lab activities
Completion of career assessments

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