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Team building exercise at Estes Park


Adventure Leadership Programs, Teambuilding

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Adventure Leadership Programs (ALP)

Leadership development at ALP occurs in environmentally based experiential learning programs. That means that we get together and do things that support the development of specific skills that are transferable to other activities and daily life.

Activities include ice breakers, teambuilding activities, hiking, group facilitation activities, travel, and learning. ALP is a unique blend of activities that, grouped in certain ways can be tailored to meet group and individuals needs. Contact us for more info or to create a program for your group.

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ALP Activities


ALP Teambuilding Seminars and Certification

The Adventure Leadership Program (ALP) Seminar and Certification combines online content and a four to five hour face to face experience. It is designed to introduce members of the Auraria community to teambuilding ideas, practices and techniques.

ALP teambuilding exercise
The ALP Certification provides members of the Auraria community with opportunities to learn about teambuilding and to acquire the skills they need to facilitate their own groups. ALP is intended to enrich the community by providing opportunities for developing productive work groups. 
Student participants benefit additionally through public speaking opportunities and listing the certification on their resumes.

ALP workshops are available and customized especially for alumni.


Outdoor Leadership & Teambuilding
Small Group Facilitation
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ALP Trainings for Auraria Departments and Programs
What's my Leadership Style?
FISH Philosophy/Culture

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