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Campus Recreation Facilities and Hours

Spring 2018 

(January 16–May 12)

Front Desk

Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Fitness Center

Monday–Thursday - 6:30 a.m.–9:50 p.m.  
Friday - 6:30 a.m.–5:50 p.m.
Saturday - 9 a.m.–3:50 p.m.
Sunday - Closed

Fitness Loft

Monday/Wednesday - 12:30 p.m.–3:30 p.m.

Tuesday/Thursaay - 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

Campus Recreation at Auraria is located in the PE/Event Center, between the Plaza and North Classroom buildings. The PE/Event Center is a shared facility dedicated to serving the academic, recreation and athletic needs of Auraria Campus students, faculty and staff.

Our partners and colleagues in the PE/Event Center include:

Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC)
AHEC is responsible for cleaning and maintenance of the PER Events Center

Human Performance and Sports (HPS) academic department
Academic programs located in PER Events Center Room 217.

Intercollegiate Athletics
Metropolitan State University of Denver NCAA sports programs.
Athletic Fields at the Regency Athletic Complex (RAC) Link to the RAC


P‌E/Event Center Facilities

Locker Rooms: PE 106
Individuals are free to use the locker/rest rooms to which they identity. Individuals can also arrange with Dr. Nyhus to privately use the women's faculty locker room on the second floor if they are uncomfortable with a shared locker room setting. Note that individual rest rooms are also the Science building. We have begun discussing a non-intrusive solution for the PE Building and hope to have something in place soon.

Auraria Campus community members can rent long-term lockers in this space for a small fee through May 12, 2018.

1-foot lockers $5
3-foot lockers $10
6-foot lockers $15

Lockers can be purchase at the HPS Equipment window (PE 107) phone: 303-615-1317
Mondays-Thursdays 7 a.m.–3:30 p.m., and Fridays 7 a.m.–2:30 p.m.

Gymnasium: PE 104

Three activity courts are available for basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer, fitness classes and special events

Fitness Center: PE 110
Circuit training, cardio equipment, free weights and climbing wall

Fitness Loft: PE 201
Strength and conditioning equipment, cardio equipment and indoor cycling studio

Lobby: PE 103
Multipurpose activity space

Dance Studio: PE 215

Multipurpose room: PE 111G
Multipurpose activity space

Outdoor Adventure Center: PE 002
Outdoor gear and resources

Racquetball Courts: PE 111F & 111C

Squash Courts: PE 111E & 111D

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