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The College of Business offers students a variety of educational opportunities that either lead to a bachelor's degree, a masters in professional accountancy, a masters in business administration, or provide opportunities for non-degree seeking students to gain additional undergraduate education through our extensive course offerings.

In addition, we offer an international business concentration for business majors and a total of eight minors designed primarily for non-business majors.

The college provides convenient access to instruction through traditional classroom sessions and innovative online delivery, at the main Auraria campus, MSU Denver South campus, during the day, evenings and weekends. The College consists of 77 full-time faculty, more than 50 part-time faculty, 5 advisors and 14 staff members. Over 3800 students major in business and economics. Students can take advantage of on-the-job training through internships and independent study course-work.


Bachelors of Science Degree Programs



Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Finance (General Finance, Financial Services)

International Business



Bachelors of Arts Degree Program



Global Business Studies

College of Business Graduate Degree Program

Master of Professional Accountancy

Master of Business Administration

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