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Welcome to the Office of the Bursar

Our Mission:

We work to provide the best services to students by providing accurate billing, Perkins loans, and various payment options. We strive for fast accurate service to help make your university experience a pleasant one.

The Office of the Bursar assists students in meeting their educational goals by offering excellent customer service while providing financial services to students, their families, and university employees. We provide correct assessments of student balances, offer flexible payment options, and educate students and their families about their financial rights and responsibilities in relation to the university.


Special Notice for Tax Season


This year, MSU Denver will be e-mailing your 2017 1098-T directly to your Student Hub e-mail by January 31, 2018.

Detail for your 2017 1098-T is available electronically through the Student Hub to download and print from your computer after January 31, 2018.

  1. Log onto the Student Hub.
  2. Select "Student Financial Services" Tab.
  3. Click on "Tax Notification".
  4. Enter 2017 in the field requesting "Year" and click "Submit".
  5. Print screen for your personal records.

**Please call the Office of the Bursar at (303) 615-0070 with any questions**



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