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Formats and Area of Isolation

Our formal signature is available in three formats. This provides optimal signature display within the space provided per application. The components within these formats are in a fixed size and spatial relationship to each other and should not be altered.

The vertical format is preferred and should be displayed wherever practical, providing the available display area permits sufficient size for the signature.

Minimum Logo Size

The minimum acceptable size for the formal and informal versions of our logo is 1/4” as measured by the height of the Roadrunner symbol. The minimum acceptable size for the University seal is 1/2” diameter.

If a visual representation of the University is needed, but the display area does not permit sufficient sizing, you may display the University name in upper and lowercase, or in all caps. It must be typeset in one of the typefaces from our approved type families, Univers or Century Schoolbook, and must appear in one color. Contact Marketing and Communications for any approved typeface substitutions.

To avoid crowding our signatures with other imagery such as text, photography, illustrations, color breaks or rule lines, an “area of isolation” is the minimum amount of space to remain free of other imagery. This minimum space requirement also applies to page trim and folds. The area of isolation is proportional to the size of the signature, and its border is determined by measuring from the outer edges of the signature to the distances indicated in the diagrams below. 

Logo Isolation examples


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