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Formal Logo

Our Formal logo is our primary signature and should be used on all formal applications, including stationery, forms, print and digital marketing and signage.

The logo is available in three formats, providing optimal signature display within the space provided per application. The components within these formats are in a fixed size and spatial relation to each other and should not be altered.

All Formal logos may be used with a department or program name and are available in one-color and reverse variations. Request variations and departmental customization from Marketing and Communications.

Formal Format A
Format A is preferred and should be displayed wherever practical providing the available display area permits sufficient size for the signature.

MSUDenver_Formal_2CPos_BlueRed_WhBkgd_FormatA_RGB  MSUDenver_Formal_2CRev_BlueRed_WhBkgd_FormatA_RGB
 MSUDenver_Formal_1CPos_Blue_ClBkgd_FormatA_RGB  MSUDenver_Formal_Black_ClBkgd_FormatA_RGB

The Formal Format A logo is available for download.


Formal Format B
Format B may be used in horizontal spaces that cannot accommodate Format A, including website headers.




Formal Format C
Format C is reserved for extremely horizontal applications that cannot accommodate Format A or B.




Departmental Customization
Formats A, B and C can be customized to incorporate the name of a department or program.  Departments and programs with already established affiliate logos should contact Marketing and Communications for updates.

MSUDenver_Formal_Dept00Temp_3CPos_BlueRed_WhBkgd_FormatA_RGB MSUDenver_Formal_Dept00Temp_2CRev_BlueRed_WhBkgd_FormatA_RGB  
 MSUDenver_Formal_Dept00Temp_1CPos_Blue_ClBkgd_FormatA_RGB  MSUDenver_Formal_Dept00Temp_Black_ClBkgd_FormatA_RGB

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